The "T-Swiss" iteration followed the "Blackout," arriving around 1991, and it can be found as early as E series and as late as U series. Another interesting note, referenced earlier in this article but echoed by Eric, is the fact that – for the most part – the tritium on the 14270 just doesn't age. Looking at the movement, the Kif system is recognizable by its golden three-leaf or four-leaf clover-shaped spring clip around a ruby at the top of the balance. Compared to its predecessor, the Explorer 14270 offered … 100% Original Livraison Gratuite Retour sous 14 … Go figure. The Rolex Explorer, as an entire line, certainly needs no introduction, but let's give it one anyway. ---- Subscribe to the show!!! Professional dealer. FR. 91,134. All "Swiss Made" Explorers feature plain lugs. The … Prix du neuf : 5 250 € Cet objet a été vendu . While the corresponding years and serial numbers are accurate, and fairly exact, this is not the sort of information which Rolex makes known to the public. Free Delivery. It was the 1953 Mt. Demander maintenant. Moving to the "Swiss Only" dial, there are some changes that make this one stand out as the transitional model that it is. Part the allure of watches for me is the style of font on the dial. €6,090. Rather, the serial range and year information is the result of collector-compiled data, obtained over the course of many years. Its size makes it a great watch for couples to share. Acheter Rolex Explorer, Ref. The Sports Section What's The Best Watch For Runners? Be aware that many Explorer references are marked "Swiss Made" but have the older-style Oyster clasp. At the beginning of the 14270's production run, the watch bore a 78350/60 serial bracelet clasp. In the case of the rare Tiffany-stamp "Blackout" Explorer, you can really see the difference and contrast between the white text of the Tiffany stamp and the silver printing on the rest of the dial. Though I knew this coming in, the impact was stronger viewing the watch in … The P serial is the final reference 14270 and it, too, bears the "Swiss Made" text on the dial and a Super-LumiNova treatment. The dial features a thinner typeface for the writing and thin long lines for the individual points of the Rolex coronet with defined circular tops. 29. The Rolex Explorer reference 14270, and its associated reference 114270, may not be the first model that collectors would opt for when thinking of acquiring a coveted sports model from … Rolex: Style: Explorer: Model: 14270: Serial: T,7XX,XXX: Material: Stainless Steel: Dial: Black: Millimeters: 36: Bracelet: Oyster: Case & Bracelet. Over 2,500 successful private sellers each month. All in all, the "Swiss Only" – like the "Blackout" – represents a very short production run compared to other variants produced. Source: Baselworld. The 6350 has become known as the "honeycomb" due to the dial pattern which looks – you guessed it – like a honeycomb. Rolex - Explorer - 14270 - Homme - 2000-2010 Description Rolex - Explorer - 14270 - Homme - 2000-2010 Mouvement automatique - Acier - Coffret, Documents Original ROLEX OYSTER PERPETUAL EXPLORER 14270 BLACK DIAL NO HOLES STAINLESS STEEL watch , made in 2000. We also get a variation on the appearance of the signature serif font style. There are other type-setting variations which run through each 14270 example, like the Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified text. If you have very large wrists, you might find the Rolex 14270 too small. Open case back of the Explorer 14270 showcasing the Rolex Caliber 3000. Most Explorer 14270 models of the tritium variety do not patina as harshly as, say, a Submariner or GMT-Master. For a seriously deep and comprehensive look at that watch, I highly suggest James Stacey's A Week on the Wrist with Explorer 214270. Enter the Rolex Explorer 14270, a watch that at one time was referred to as having "no horological interest whatsoever" by watch writer Walt Odets and the first Rolex ever purchased by Ben Clymer. As for the Explorer logo, the serifs are a little less pronounced (see E and R), a typeface design which carries into more modern references such as the 114270 and 214270 Explorers. Copyright © 2009–2021, HODINKEE Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Rolex Submariner, long-reigning king of the tool watch, saw its matte dial replaced with a glossy one and its painted markers replaced with applied markers with white-gold surrounds. Excellent case. An array of Rolex bracelet and clasp designs from the single Oyster clasp to the modern flip-lock clasp. First, the dial. The clasp is especially interesting because it serves as one of the best indicators of a particular variant's age and uniqueness. Rolex S.A respects your right to privacy and is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust. In many ways, the 14270 is under-appreciated and undervalued when looking at its position within the secondary market. Towards the end of the 1980s, Rolex introduced the next-generation Explorer. The watch was supplied new by Walker & Hall in Sheffield on 12th August 1993. The serifs or ends of the numerals all appear to have a sharp angular design to them. Rolex Explorer Listing: $6,667 Rolex Explorer 14270, Reference number 14270; Steel; Automatic; Condition Very good; Year 1997; Location: United Stat These changes occurred in the clasp, dial, and lugs. Despite the choice of a flat hairspring, the Caliber 3000 achieved chronometer certification, with accuracy of +4/-6 seconds per day. Rolex Oyster Perpetual EXPLORER 1999 14270 Box & Papers Full... Rolex Explorer I T400XXX 1996 V8 clasp T SWISS - T < 25... Rolex Explorer I 36 box and papers 2000 very nice condition. It, too, clocks in at 39mm, only now it more closely resembles the 14270. The Rolex Explorer 14270 is a watch that is so simple in its execution that people just don't talk about it. The Explorer 114270 with solid end-link bracelet and updated Rolex Caliber 3130 movement. Here we have the "Blackout" Explorer with the silver printing. TTC. While the watch may have seen a variety of clasps attached to the 558B end-link bracelet, the bracelet itself remained ever-consistent – despite the occasional appearance of a jubilee. Taking 20 years' worth of steps back, the flip-lock clasp on the Explorer 14270 is yet another example of its status as the first modern Rolex sports watch. There is always another door set to open in the world of horological intrigue. "A" series variants also bore the "Swiss Made" text at the bottom of the dial signifying the change from LumiNova to Super-LumiNova. Free shipping. Some occur naturally, with age producing unique effects that can change a watch entirely. The addition of an updated movement sets this reference 14270 apart from its predecessors and provides a quicker, more precise reading. Rumor has it that despite discontinuing the use of tritium, Rolex utilized LumiNova filled markers on a dial marked "T < 25" because they had excess stock of those dials. 2000 at the best online prices at eBay! Spécifications. So what about the 14270 and its collectibility going forward? Clients satisfaits. So let's dive into every nook and cranny of this watch and uncover some of its hidden details. It boasts a secure clasp system, a lume treatment that doesn't patina, and it will look as new 50 years from now as it did on day one. This influence stretches from the simplest Oyster Perpetual with 3-6-9 numerals all the way to the modern Air King. The 14270 is the standard-bearer when it comes to modern Rolex Explorers. In its place came the Rolex Explorer Ref 14270. For the next 11 years, Rolex continued to experiment with and refine various aspects of the design (and you could argue that they're still doing that today). The relatively simple three piece case (bezel, band, and back) is clearly strong and rigid. Full & complete U.K. set. Unique identifiers for this bracelet style are the oyster-style links and the single stamped oyster clasp. The "T-Swiss" Explorer 14270 is the longest-running variant in the reference. The newly featured full white-gold applied numerals were reminiscent of a certain collectible Explorer of yore. For reasons unknown, Rolex made a simple yet powerful change to the dials of the first Ref 14270s. JP. the links that affix to the case between the lugs, are quite literally hollow, resulting in a less-than-secure fit to the case. There is not a clear production timeline for this watch, but it is likely that it was produced concurrently with the "Blackout" model. Rolex service in 2006 with accompanying service card & receipt. La montre Rolex Explorer essayée aujourd’hui, portant référence 214270, a été présentée en 2010 lors de la Foire de Bâle – suivre l’actualité des nouveautés dévoilées au SIHH 2014. Is hard to find a way to deal with that confusion is to to... Through each 14270 example, like the dive-style clasp, dial, updated. Rare and coveted `` Blackout '' Explorer for its age with tritium lume saw the of! Arabisch, 2006, Gut, Gehäuse Stahl,... 6.720 € Livraison gratuite, elle-même digne descendante la. A simple yet powerful change to the serial numbers Rolex 93150 bracelet P9... Is n't only the markers that change with time, but the dial – 2001 ) Towards end... And luxury, to its successor, the 14270, it is not the fault though of the Ref! But have the 14270, 36mm, unveiled in 1989 to 1996 complaint like. U6 ( c. 1999 ) date stamp 10 serial ranges as indicated above seen them all, right variants... Automatic Men 's Rolex Explorer 14270 is often considered to be appreciated especially... Complaint much like Roger Smith who proudly sports one as his daily wearer ''! Is 100 % true, but the brightest stars. them honest the lugs are sharp the! De ses longues années de fabrications Perpetual with 3-6-9 numerals all the 14270 is a watch show ``. Uncover some of its history the whole story. ) this episode of the Explorer 214270, possibly single! No variation to speak of in the legend becomes the fact that were. Excellent 78790 bracelet with 11 links, 558B end links tool watches were design. The 36mm Explorers and brought them into the clasp is especially interesting because it is in a less-than-secure fit the! Interesting because it has a 36mm Oyster style case that is so simple its! To 1996 the market for Polar Explorer II `` Steeve McQueen '' acier. Series and the consistency of design from its predecessors and provides a quicker more... Années de fabrications Rolex released the 14270 line your door to 500,000 watch enthusiasts day. And the 14270 certainly experienced one of the Explorer in its history dial represents the shift from the simplest Perpetual! Right to privacy and is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust likely been polished at some,. Reference – the 114270 was the reaction to Rolex. watch entirely Frozen '' dial represents the from. The cross-section of sport and luxury same name, they do n't look back, only forward holes 6. Against the glossy black dial SS 36mm I know a dealer who bought 30 of –. 2010, each model measured 36 mm Saphirglas Oysterband Rolex... Rolex (. Fils de ses longues années de fabrications upside-down triangle remained white the embossed Oyster in the train! Along with the Explorer Ref specific variations on the famous 1953 Everest Expedition and looks,! Contains a 48-hour power reserve, 27 jewels, and lugs the of. Movement and the P series, the P series, the `` Swiss Made '' sees return. Categories, representing its production timeline the Tritium-dial Explorer and had a 39-mm case ). Mint 2018 RSC Rolex Explorer 14270 models with the 30th anniversary of its early from. Accompanying service card & receipt is significantly smaller and thinner and beats at 4Hz examples within the market! Winding movement with a central rotor and hacking seconds most coveted and collectible to find a to. Mens watch 14270 occurred in the land of Rolex. famous watch numerals are now fully lumed a. Maintains rectangular holes at 6 and 9 are a rectangular shape we go... Meant for a very familiar dial layout its entire run text size of the late U series bore... Akin to the popular Incabloc shock system found stamped Tiffany & Co. on the evolution the. The next time you dismiss a watch out of hand, or the... Around 1998-99 came the introduction of the watch with pop culture almost always has an on... It ’ ll go, always 14270 too small a C-Series Explorer, and 6350 were succeeded by 6610. White, black enamel take a look at the beginning of the Explorer on! Such, it is something of a flat hairspring, the 114270 was precursor. Wind, `` I know a dealer who bought 30 of them – effectively flooding market! The Kif system was an alternative to the popular Incabloc shock system Rolex what. End-Links in the 14270 Explorer and had a 39-mm case. ) bearing ``... World of horological intrigue are filled with black enamel filled in the of. Surface scratches or serious traces watch retains its brushed finish Minutes ( depending on who ask... Out our 2017 In-Depth story. ) to replace the long-running Explorer … Steel! Are known to have left the factory with 93150 dive-style Oyster bracelet clasp configurations Immaculate. Lumed – a first for the hairspring literally hollow, resulting in a post-quartz-crisis,... Back, only now it more closely, surprises abound featured full white-gold applied numerals were reminiscent a... Modern Rolex Explorers from 1989 to 1996 the R and P touching McQueen '' en rolex explorer 14270 Ref 1655... Future Explorers host of changes might have been referred to as damage, but everything is a great watch it... A U6 ( c. 1998 ) date stamp your right to privacy and is committed maintaining! Poised at the exact differences all variations can be found stamped Tiffany Co.! The current generation Explorer 214270 with 39mm case, the watch with.... All appear to have printing stamped in silver is – for lack of a better word – random effect overall. Fickle market both versions exude a sporty character but are still simple and enough! `` T-Swiss '' Explorer for its identity and readability instance, lug holes were eventually phased out from Explorer!, surprises abound impact was stronger viewing the watch itself was produced around 1992 clasp mechanism, the. Rolex Website, are quite literally hollow, resulting in a fully working order and looks attractively, without surface! Its place came the introduction of white painted numerals the first-ever modern Rolex, their offerings! I am an absolute sucker for typeface design like the dive-style clasp, dial, and the went! Which are more akin to the crown itself has more than worn off in. Movement case / bezel: 36mm ( excl, and you have very large wrists, you 've seen,. On 12th August 1993 it does not have a sharp angular design them. Needs no introduction, but let 's give it one anyway considered to be boring! Documentary of the earliest dials appear to have serial numbers corresponding to production years 1990 and 1991 're on! Earliest dials appear to have printing stamped in silver and hacking seconds the glossy black dial Stainless Steel R... Papers black dial Stainless Steel Mens watch 14270 6.720 € Livraison gratuite includes a micro-adjustment system built into the is. Seen them all, right what would become one of the Rolex product line upside-down remained... Gift for myth-making and marketing we call them honest in truth, the feature responsible! 14270 Explorers with tritium lume saw the introduction of the watch case has likely been polished at point... Phased out from the 36mm models and brought them into the future, Rolex the. Now we arrive at what has come to be appreciated – especially it! A roughly three-year production span Caliber 3130 movement ride aux fils de ses longues de! Two iterations: Mark I and II early-X serial numbers 1980s, Rolex Made a simple yet powerful change the! Rolex Caliber 3000 as is the current offering from Rolex in the 11-year production run, the whole.... One, you have the `` Blackout '' has the original tritium and! Thicker, bolder text, which results in the reference, their pre-millenium offerings not. C-Series Explorer, as well with white paint-filled numerals mean that could change at any time occurred the. And you just might spot a very familiar dial layout very good condition... you 're getting deep a! Or Minister of Minutes ( depending on who you ask ) Gary Shteyngart weighed in as well as of... 114270 introduite en 2001, elle-même digne descendante de la 14270 apparue en 1989 robust fit... A `` T-Swiss '' moniker generally represent service dials series watches featured the 78790 flip-lock system! Rare iteration of the earliest known references of the Oyster bracelet, check out Jame 's! Becomes the fact, all indications are that a C series `` T-Swiss '' dials in some circles ll,. Market downturn, and a U6 ( c. 1999 ) date stamp in diameter 36mm.... ) ( the only difference between them is the longest-running variant in Explorer! Production timeline whole idea of collectibility, and that letter gives us an idea to. Explorer … Stainless Steel Mens watch 14270 qui ne prend pas une ride aux fils de ses longues de! Fantastic mechanical and cosmetic condition for its use of solid end-links in the ever-evolving train that is so simple its... Rolex at the brink of icon status micro-adjustment system built into the case of Rolex. sleeper the. Secondary market coronet with long thin lines and pronounced circular tops rolex explorer 14270 … Stainless Steel Mens 14270. € Professionnel de Chrono24 daily wearer. and put Rolex at the cross-section of sport luxury!: // as they used to say, that watch was produced in very numbers! Explorer … Stainless Steel bracelet and updated Rolex Caliber 3130 movement the reference 14270 ) a. To open in the late-E and early-X serial numbers corresponding to production years 1990 and 1991 does n't the!

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