After 3 cycles like this, let the engine completely cool, then check all your fluids and re-check the torque on your cylinder and head bolts. Check the small end rod bore for surface defects such as pitting, scratches, and marring. Temporarily install the wrist pin and use it as a backstop so that the circlip is forced to move into its groove. Insert the pick into the dimple in the piston and behind the circlip. If the ring is not marked on one side near the end gap, either side can be up. Hopefully, this won’t come as a surprise to you and will be part of your planned maintenance schedule versus experiencing an unplanned engine failure. Installing the circlip should be done by hand to limit the chance of deformation. For additional insight into how the components interact, review the exploded views in the service manual and look at part microfiches which can be found online. Make sure to keep the RPMs varied while riding for the first time, not letting the engine lug or sit at idle. When removing the power valve system, consider laying the components out on a clean rag in an orientation that correlates to how they are installed in the engine. Paul Olesen. Most service manuals will detail the acceptable clearance between the petal tips and cage as well as the stopper plate height. Everything You Need to Know About Ring Gap! Then, lube the piston skirt and ring faces. Otherwise, a pin puller should be utilized which can be bought or made. Unless your service manual dictates which circlip must be installed first, choose the easiest installation orientation. How to Rebuild the Top End in your Two-Stroke. Next, grab a set of micrometers and measure the piston. B. To correct this, the excess plating must be carefully removed. Work the opened ring down from the top of the piston to the oil groove. Torquing - Your cylinder and head nuts should always be torqued to the specifications outlined in your service manual. 2 stroke piston replacement, A. Cracks are more common on older engines, and propagation all the way through the manifold can lead to air leaks. Connecting Rod Installation. Be careful not to scratch or mar the wrist pin bore in the process! Complete top-end gasket kits can even be ordered under one part number. This typically happens as the ring transitions out of your fingers and into the cylinder bore. Compare your measurement to the acceptable range in your owner's manual. As one final precautionary measure perform a crankcase leak down test. The tips we’re going to share shouldn’t be considered inclusive of everything that has to be done but are tips that focus on things that are either often overlooked or incredibly important. PrimeServ Two-stroke Henrik Birkegård Senior Manager Technical Service Dear Sirs As we have recently experienced an increasing number of questions about piston cleaning rings (PC rings) and their installation, replace- ment and wear acceptance criteria, this service letter highlights im-portant guidelines with respect to installation of PC rings. Significant wear can occur over time and lead to performance losses. Once again, use the wrist pin as a backstop, then install the remaining circlip into position. We're going to focus on one very specific step in engine building, installing piston rings, so I can be completely thorough, and you will understand how to install pistons. Repeat this process, revving slightly higher and letting the engine get partially hotter each time. Ensure any rubber coatings on the reed cage are in good condition. We’re going to cover numerous tips pertinent to two-stroke top end rebuilds. Rebuilding a top end is a task most two-stroke owners will run into at one point or another. - Check the small end rod bore for surface defects such as pitting, scratches, and marring. Prior to installing the piston and rings, confirm one final time that the piston ring ends are oriented correctly to their respective locating pins. Not sure how to install piston rings? Automotive Installation. At Wiseco, we’ve performed countless engine builds and hope the information we’ve shared makes your next engine build go smoothly and successfully. Be careful not to scratch or mar the wrist pin bore in the process! Intake Manifold - Check the intake manifold for cracks. The common belief is that performing a top-end rebuild is a simple task that anyone can do, which is true, however, the devil is in the details. Tech. In this video I show how to install a piston ring 4 stroke motorcycle or car based on all types of vehicles. Orient the circlip to the desired position, then push the open ends of the circlip into position first. Once you’ve disassembled the engine and have a full picture of any issues, make a list of everything you’ll need to replace. It’s never a bad idea to double check your fluids and torque one more time after complete cool down. Put a little premix on the skirt of the piston. Apply a light amount of assembly lube to the small end bearing and wrist pin bore on the piston, then install the bearing, align the piston with the small end of the rod, and slide the wrist pin into place.
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