Highs in the upper 30s. else if (TodayMon == 4) { TodayMonth = "May"; } Wildlife. Boaters said it has been more than a decade since water levels have been this low in September on Lake Winnipesaukee. North winds around 10 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. The Winni Waterfront Report – October 2019 There were twenty-three Winnipesaukee waterfront homes sold in October 2019. Lake Winnipesaukee, Sebago The parameters used to measure a lake’s trophic state are chlorophyll a, water transparency, and total phosphorus. Rattlesnake Island has a rocky summit that is 874 feet above sea level, or 370 feet above the lake. TodayMon = Today.getMonth(); These long term trends are likely to continue unless cities and towns in the lake’s watershed act to adopt land use best management practices that reduce P loadings to the lake. else if (TodayMon == 10) { TodayMonth = "November"; } The flow is the amount of water leaving Lake Winnipesaukee at the Lakeport Dam. A person under 16 can not operate a ski or personal water craft under any conditions. Cam Reserved, https://cam.centerharborinn.com/jpg/1/image.jpg. Bear IslandLake Winnipesaukee, Trexler's Cam RSA 485-A:8 establishes that all New Hampshire surface waters are classified as either Class A or Class B waters, and specifies certain minimum surface water quality criteria for each classification. Gilford, NHLake Winnipesaukee, SS Mount Washington 1/19/2021 5:11:19 PM. TodayDay = Today.getDate(); Winnipesaukee, Varney Point Some of these indicators are the frequency in beach closings due to bacteria (e. coli), the increase in the spread of milfoil, the frequency and occurrence of algal blooms, some of which are of health concern due to cyanobacteria, and a decline in fish and loon populations. Saturday: Rain or snow. Ethan Van De Water was in the right (and safe) place at the right time, and captured clear video of a waterspout moving towards the southeast on Lake Winnipesaukee… Lake Winnipesaukee is filled with a variety of species that can be targeted through the ice during the cold NH winter. Which island on Lake Winnipesaukee has the tallest summit? The LLMP program measures water clarity, temperature, phosphorus, chlorophyll-a, alkalinity, and dissolved color. Light powder snow has less water content. 3. The month with the lowest is February with an average water temperature of 32.4°F / 0.2°C. Under natural conditions (pre-development), the lake water does not contain an abundant supply of phosphorus. Since then Lake Winnie has expanded enormously, including the SOAKya Water Park and many other thrilling attractions. document.write(TodayMonth + " " + TodayDay + ", " + TodayYear); Think of the lake as a stomach, it receives all the stormwater runoff from the land surrounding it, which contains metals, oil, road salt, sediment, nutrients, etc. WebCam else if (TodayMon == 5) { TodayMonth = "June"; } When excessive amounts of phosphorus enter the lake, it provides the food or energy needed to boost plant productivity, resulting in algal blooms. Cam