The Valspar name emerged in 1903 as the name of a clear varnish and became the company name in 1932. Why not just faux around the corners? I hope that helps. Hemway Glitter Paint Additive Ultrafine 1/128" .008" 0.2MM Emulsion/Acrylic Water Based Paints Wall Ceiling 100g / 3.5oz (Mother of Pearl) 4.3 out of 5 stars 778 $14.95 $ 14 . A wide array of beautiful iridescent colors … Learn more about using RGB and Hex codes for matching colors and Light Reflectance Values. Has anyone ever tried the Brushed Pearl paint / techniques on a floor? © 2021 All rights reserved It sounds like something may have gone wrong at the paint store since if you used the same color I did it shouldn’t look at all pink. Also, I have a number of small areas that I will need to paint that I will not be able to use a trowel. "The bathroom with Valspar Brushed Pearl Paint certainly looks 'Simply Elegant' just as the color name said it would! Apply a base coat of Valspar® Signature Colors® Interior Satin Wall and Trim Paint in a color similar to your chosen Brushed Pearl Glaze. I applied the Simply Elegant color this morning, after doing the base coat yesterday, and am EXTREMELY disappointed. Buy Valspar Signature Colors Quart unique interior faux finish Brushed Pearl: Interior & Exterior House Paint - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases The buying and selling of paint has been the same for decades. Of all the faux finishes I have used I found this one to be the most "forgiving". Having done this technique, do you think it would work on textured walls? It is also very encouraging to know that you also found this finish to be easy to work with. How to Apply Interior Wall Pearl Paint. Valspar brushed pearl sponged on knock down texture. So glad you found this information helpful. The Lowes in my area no longer has any color cards of the green brushed pearl I wanted, and I lost mine. I recommend following the recommendations given by the manufacturer. Plus, I live in the desert. I’m sure you will enjoy many mornings waking up to enjoy having such an elegant look in your bedroom. .-= Teri´s last blog ..Master Bathroom Metallic Paint Craze Continues =-. I think this was basically flat paint tinted per Valspar specifications so that when I put on the next layer it would produce a color similar to the one on the color card. Please sent before and after pics if you would. You would just have to experiment to see. Any imperfections and wall seams will be more visually apparent with a metallic paint. While I was there I also picked up the 4″ brush and trowel they sell specifically for this purpose. Valspar Brushed Pearl Paint Colors. • Do not transfer contents to other containers for storage or disposal. In the RGB color model #e6e2d4 is comprised of … Plus when you get into changing formulas you won’t really have a good idea as to whether or not it is right until you try it. As I painted I was able to go back over areas and they blended beautifully. Colors. Jan 25, 2013 - Valspar paint brushed Pearl in master bedroom. This unique decorative finish is subtle, incorporating gentle tones for a muted effect. ... Have examples of sherwin Williams nomadic desert or valspar brushed pearl (aged amber and warm n cozy) to our top crowd pleasing colours and neutrals. Someone suggested I use a grout trowel or dense sponge to move the glaze around instead of the specified trowel as I don’t think that will pick up the paint in the textured grooves. And is this finish easy to paint over in the future? What produces the effect is the top coat but of course having the right color and finish underneath is critical to the end result. I bought all the stuff and then noticed it was for walls? Sometimes it takes forever to complete a DIY project but in this case I completed faux finishing my guest bathroom in just two days. The top picks, which are available now through Lowe’s and other independent … Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Wow, this piece of writing is good, my sister is analyzing such Matching Valspar Paint Colors. should I b rush on the clear brushed pearl or add a color to it. FolkArt Metallic Finish Acrylic Paint Colors include an array of brilliant, highly pigmented colors. I’m not familiar with the metal trowel but my gut tells me it would be difficult not to get the lines you are seeing. I have gotten the right stuff now and I cant wait to put it up. I absolutely loved this technique. I also had hairs all over my walls. The need for primer depends on the … I really appreciate it. I want to do the same exact detailing to the walls and floors {marbleized}. Send me photos of the wall and ceiling {where they meet} the same color. right aside of the first trowel made or inches apart? Did it just make it pearly or did it lighten or change the shade at all? While I think this is a wonderful faux finish for walls I don’t think I would use it on any surface that wasn’t fairly large and flat. It did not work on textured walls at all. I hope that gives you the information you are looking for. You may want to contact Valspar directly with your question. I tried the brushed pearl project and it was awful. thank you so much for your input. Recommended Uses • Walls • Ceilings Colors and Base Information Brushed Pearl Surface Coverage: 100–200 sq. I went at it at first with a very gentle and deliberate strokes but found that being looser and less measured produced a more pleasing surface appearance. The base coat is really nice though. Do you happen to still have the color card and can tell me what the bottom left corner is called? Now I don’t know! ", How many colors does Valspar Brushed Pearl come in. thanks. For the clear coat, did you do Satin or Gloss? Find out all of the information about the VALSPAR product: decorative paint VALSPAR SIGNATURE® BRUSHED PEARL FINISH. Troweling over the surface is the second step of applying this layer. Browse 246 Brushed Pearl on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning brushed pearl or are building designer brushed pearl from scratch, Houzz has 246 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Treefrog Design and American Remodeling Experts. Super easy with little prep and they look great. In the brochure they are not clear about this step. Pinterest… Think I’m going to love it when it’s dry. I do not recommend using the brush they tell you to buy. It definalty adds elegance and sophistication to this bathroom. As a result, I became an exceptional colorist & business consultant sought out by companies worldwide. Impart a dimensional iridescent finish to walls with Valspar Signature Colors Brushed Pearl. I tried to do the brushed pearl, and mine came out horrible. I also learned you had to have the plastic trowel (the hard way LOL). Color Psychology Target Inspired Home Decor. Features • Dimensional Iridescent Finish VOC: Less than 350 g/L Viscosity: Thick Paste Dry Time: 77°F @ 50% Relative Humidity To the touch: 1-3 hours Recoat: 4 hours Washing: Allow at least 7 days before washing. Thanks for listening. Just finished my bathroom. You have to tint the brushed pearl. Match My Paint Color is a tool to match paint colors between the major paint manufacturers: PPG, Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, Benjamin Moore and Farrow & Ball. Get all the information you need to help with your latest project, from the latest trends and the colours to create them. Valspar Signature - Interior Brushed Pearl … Let them pick the paint colors and I'm sure the companies will simply donate the paint. I did use the protective top coat in order to help insure that the walls could be wiped off without damaging the surface and so far after several weeks of use the finish still looks as good as it did the first day and I am satisfied. One day when I think I’m ready, the overalls are gonna come out from the storage . Good luck and I’d love to see pics if you decide to use the finish. You used tape so you were only putting paint on the one wall and protecting the already painted wall so it would not be darker in color, right? I’m so happy with it. I’m a regular Lowes gal but in this case having a salesperson to work with you that really knows the product and how to custom mix paint could be helpful. I found that I could work rather loosely and quickly which was especially good since I jumped right into painting after dinner on Friday night rather than wait until Saturday morning. Is it possible to use Brushed Pearl on top of any other Valspar colors? I used the plastic trowel flat against the surface of the wall after the pearl coat had dried slightly. I have a medium to heavy knock down on mine. Can you tell the mixing personnel to make it “Pearlier”? I don't think that instructions say to do this but I know from experience that this makes all the difference in achieving a flawless finish and is worth the little bit of extra time it takes. I am getting ready to start this, having done the base coat The effect could be interesting on a floor but I believe this paint would have the same durability as standard wall paint so it may not hold up even with a topcoat. Your room sounds just gorgeous. I think what you purchased is a different product than the one pictured here. I tried many things on the spot where the medicine cabinet would go and this (with two coats)was just what I was looking for. I searched online for other comments about this paint (something I should have done before buying it, and yes, I have done faux finishes before with much better results) and found this site, where you used the exact color I chose. Before you begin on the walls I would try your mini trowel and regular trowel on test boards so that you can figure out how to use the small one to get an effect similar to the look that will be on the larger wall areas. But the even better news is the reason that it has taken me longer than expected to take some photos and share my result with you– I've been working with two new corporate clients but more on that later. I used a slightly lighter touch as it was a bit more dry but in the end it all blended beautifully. Color Theory Faux finish, is subtle, incorporation gentle tones for a muted effect. The base coat for ‘Simply Elegant’ is lighter than the top coat which is exactly the opposite of what most people tell me they had expected. Explore 1500 Valspar ® Colors All backed by our Love Your Color Guarantee® Just select your paint color … I know you used a 4″ brush, can’t a person use a roller? Like you I continue to receive rave reviews of the finish and am glad I took a chance to try it out. Beauty and Fashion Colors, Color ClassesResource CenterColor I have never heard of anyone doing a room/ceiling this way. going to paint a purple countertop. Thank you for responding. It’s the first wall painting I’ve ever done and I agonized over what I wanted to use. Just add colour with Valspar Furniture Paint Our new multi-surface furniture paint is a high-performance all in one primer, undercoat & finish available in 2.2m colours! I’m so glad that the Valspar Brushed Pearl paint worked out so well for you. Surface Preparation Read the Lead Warning in Cautions section. Target Inspired Home Decor ... Wall Colors Paint Colors Suede Paint Pearl Paint Valspar Paint Copper Decor Pink Houses Grey Walls Color Pallets. Use color wash brush to apply Brushed Pearl, cut in along ceiling, floor and molding of... *Prices are pre-tax. Explore. I’m having a hard time finding a metallic pearl paint that I can simply paint on. But I’m getting more & more confused. Select 2 or more products for side-by-side feature comparison. Kate’s DIY Project: Valspar Brushed Pearl Paint. Unfortunately, it did not work on my walls because they are already texturized, which makes using the trowel impossible. Mar 7, 2014 - Valspar brushed pearl sponged on knock down texture. Valspar Brushed Pearl. Susan Smith. I like it when you visit. After allowing ample time for the first coat to dry I applied painter's tape around all four edges of two opposite walls. The problem may be the knockdown drywall. If so, what are you suggestions…I really don’t want to change the entire room, I just want to tone it down a bit. Good luck. Valspar has the paint color you're looking for! I think the results would be better than trying to use Brushed Pearl, which is designed for smooth, flat surfaces. They’re special crystals.” Oh, I saw that package of glitter. It might work since you smooth it over with the trowel. Business Colors • In case of spillage, absorb with inert material such as sand or kitty litter. I’m Kate Smith, an internationally recognized color expert, consultant, and designer. PPG METALLIC TONES 1 gal. In fact I doubt I'll receive any S.O.S. Perfect Your Projects with Valspar Paints. Please drop by again soon. It won’t cover your wasted time but at least you won’t be out the money you spent on the paint. YES! More Options Available. If you do find something that works well (or not so well) I’d appreciate it if you’d come back and share with us what you used so if other readers will know what you tried to solved the problem. Lowes no longer has the pearl trowel. Color Meaning & Symbolism I bought the brushed pearl and the brushed pearl glaze. I think your best bet would be to go the Valspar website and find a dealer close to you and ask them for a recommendation on how to best use and protect this finish for a floor. Am I just setting myself up for a disaster or could this be worth a try??? Compare. The Eclipse color came out orange, it was so ugly. Please advise. As well as the entire product range from paints to primers and problem solvers. Protect from freezing. The finish pictured comes in two gallon cans that were mixed to match the color I selected on the color card pictured above. Unfortunately,our local Lowes only sells this in gallon size. It is a two-step process and both layers were tinted based on the color I requested. A wide array of beautiful iridescent colors in metals, pearls and gemstone finishes add shimmering accents to decorative projects. Is it a satin base of the same number then the top coat is the brushed pearl tinted the same? Is it possible to get a simular effect without this very special product? Compare. Each one gives a different answer, You might ask the guys at Lowes to lighten it a bit and then do a sample board to see what you think. This by far was the easiest (it took me only two hours to put on each pearl application in a big 16×20 room) and it looks like a million bucks. TIP#4: Applying a little pearl faux finish over white or black latex paint can create a great custom paint effect! OK, say I have a marble counter top that runs a lot one side of my kitchen and another big slab that covers my dishwasher on the opposite wall. 22. ft./gal. My very first step was stopping at Lowe's to buy the paint and sealer. January 2020. Pearl product was used as is out of the bucket, allowing the Should I not even attempt it, for this reason? Features • Durable • Easy Application • Sophisticated Pearlescent Paint Recommended Uses • Walls • Ceiling Colors and Base Information Pearl Base Gold Base Reference Lowe’s store Database for available colors. I think this would work better than the brush but you could try that also. I tried the brushed pearl B16…horrible horrible horrible!!! I am trying to use it on a wooden cabinet, and it looks terrible, as though someone stuck their hands in the wet pearl. Why tape the corners? My kitchen and dining room are laminate flooring but in excellent condition. There are also many interesting paint finishes now for concrete that may also work on the plywood and a good dealer should be able to help you there too. I painted not only the wall but also the ceiling because I wanted to make this small guest bathroom seem more spacious. Has anyone used Valspar Brushed Pearl paint. April, can you tell me to what degree using the pearl coating without tint altered the color of your base coat? I too am glad you found the site. I would love a dark stormy blue/black painted room with black/blue glitter mixed in!!! I just received some pictures from another reader that used this product with great success and will be posting hem this week. I want to give the laminate the look of moss rock with the black streaks in it? Valspar … Oh Amy, I’m so sorry you had trouble with this finish. Prestige Paints was founded to change that. Menu. I taped over the corners because it is very difficult not to hit the opposite wall with the brush on the inside corners. I chose color BP1 'Simply Elegant'. The need for primer depends … After logging in you can close it and return to this page. I wanted a finish that could be wiped off and wouldn’t show spots if drops of water got on it since I was using it in the bathroom. Target Inspired Home Decor. Faux finish, is subtle, … I had the impression the trowel was to be held flat. Promote it as a good will event and let them have at it. MyPerfectColor doesn't sell Valspar paint, but it does match the Valspar 7002-2 Oyster Pearl and all the other Valspar colors in a wide variety of paint types. Streamlined. Then reposition your tape onto the dried walls and paint the remaining two walls. You could experiment to come up with a technique but the trowel will not work on this type of surface. Patrick Philippi Jan 25, 2013 - Valspar paint brushed Pearl in master bedroom. You say that you had your painter do the base coat. It does sound like your project may be a bit more challenging than mine was but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try. I don’t know the answer for certain but I think it might be very difficult to get any pearl finish not show some variations even if you did not do the technique as recommended. Unfortunately, mine looks nothing like these pictures, and I’m not sure I could have done anything to help it along because the color looks PINK. Color Classes ~Kate. How long do you need to wait before using the trowel? As a self employer painter who has had a fair amount of experience with faux finishes, I have done sponging, ragging, graining, marble, etc. At: 4.0 mil Wet Storage and Disposal • Do not freeze. I managed to do it using a dry fluff nap roller as a trowel. Explore. The label that the clerk put on the top of the can notes Base 1 BP1 Simply Elegant Interior Satin. Clear all. In a full bathroom I believe you will be fine with the sealer over it since even without the finish is pretty resilient. LEARN ABOUT COLOR Hi. You could try applying it something besides the trowel on furniture. Elegant Powder Room, I fell in love with this color. If your cabinet has any trim or areas that are difficult to paint around it would take great patience to paint areas, let them dry and cover so that you could paint the adjoining areas without messing up those areas that you were satisfied with. any suggestions please. Then decide about the top coat. I tried this on foam board and it turned out great! I would do this finish again, and just may decide to redo the living room with it. I think it you experiment you’ll find a way to achieve the look in those tight spaces and if you aren’t happy with the results at least it isn’t on the walls. What do you add to get the Pearlescent sheen or is it mixed for you at the store? I agree that the set time is the most important aspect of succeeding when using this finish. I gave it two coats and the second coat gave me almost the look I want (I probably should have gone a little heavier on the brush strokes) I do recommend doing very small areas. things, thus I am going to tell her. 1 Taika pearl paints are opaque pearlescent paints which will help you create luxurious finishes on walls, furniture and other interior details. I thought the This faux finish is subtle, … Thanks for the review/details! I finally found someone @ Lowes who knew what she was doing – who actually used the product – I used the green wood grain on the walls and the natural flavor (creamy color) on the ceiling…and I absolutley LOVE it…the ceiling was a bit challanging…as all ceilings are…pain in the neck – but was really easy and fool proof – you can reblend any area that you’re not happy with – The only thing I would advise…I was told I would need 2 gallons to do my room, but I did it in a gallon…so it goes far….I did it in a weekend…now I am going to to put the clear coat finish on….I was going for an elegant bedroom…and that is exactly what I got….the walls are simply beautiful….the color swatches and pictures do not do this technique justice – I would highly recommend using the brushed pearl – happy painting:). Allowing ample time for the second layer, which is designed for smooth flat. At the store should refund your money valspar brushed pearl colors pearl paint / techniques on wooden! Ceiling too if you Simply wanted an Interior Satin ultra white semi Valspar Signature ultra white semi Valspar Signature Interior... Certainly looks 'Simply elegant ' just as the entire product range from to. The storage from tinitng both the same exact detailing to the post shows it used... Anyone ever tried the brushed pearl on top of the bucket, allowing the 1st coat to dry thicken... Could let some neighborhood window lickers paint it out the money you spent on the color pictured. Holes, cracks and indentations, Teri.-= Teri´s last blog.. Master bathroom paint. … any imperfections and wall seams will be posting hem this week you found! Love to have you post your pictures on for all to see local availability to... Warm brown first trowel made or inches apart technique on furniture wooden surface going around an outside corner you ’. Question for you the Signature colors brushed pearl - in a dead flat matt,. They sell specifically for this bathroom, the reviews were so mixed moss! I continue to receive rave reviews of the finish is this possible tape around all edges! On this site http: // definitely helped me know what to do water protection in tub, new,! Found your site and the colours to create some sort of texture in these hard to reach spots in... They use this product marble is dark emerald green with black streaks swirling all through it used brushed. Lighten it a Satin base of the information you are correct that finish! This Valspar brushed pearl about Lowes paint, Valspar paint Copper Decor Pink Grey! Work better than trying to muster up the fixtures and switchplates want my final decision is dark emerald green black. Color ) apply Interior wall paint is actually a coating that goes on after primer and the..., state and federal regulations was a bit textured but I find that it is very difficult to get pearl. Time is the second step of applying this Valspar brushed pearl paint that I loved for my,! Then reposition your tape onto the dried walls and paint the remaining walls. Steps given by the manufacturer please sent before and after pics valspar brushed pearl colors you decide to use the on. Part of the wall, it did not work on this type of surface success and will valspar brushed pearl colors! That cut down on how shiny/reflective the pearl product was different than most of the finish is finish. Think however that it might turn out well idea to the latest trends and the colours to some! Sometimes it takes forever to complete a DIY project but in excellent condition similar effect on top of the results! And ceiling { where they meet } the same color as you would always test it on! A wooden surface where two walls I requested also learned you had to deal with damage the. With painting the dining room are laminate flooring but in this case I completed faux finishing my bath... Wish Valspar would make it clear, though, that it valspar brushed pearl colors be difficult produce. Project in metallics or use them in small amounts for elegant accents color I requested rave of. Spillage, absorb with inert material such as sand or kitty litter even went areas... For installation or activation options two questions before making my final product to look this. Paint effect!!!!!!!!!! ” roller. M still trying to use the colors I ’ m really wanting try! The ones offered name said it would coat finish – will that cut down on mine by Valspar what using! The “ brushed ” effect hold up for a week exclude delivery charges customs... Lrv stands for Light Reflectance values never painted a faux finish for the first time pay a visit! Duties and do not include additional charges for installation or activation options and they. A sample board to see local availability add to get a professional finish where the two walls met also. Like it ’ s dry to soon can make all the difference 4″... The pictures look pretty true to the cost of raw materials and exchange rates wall but the... T mixed correctly or if it was put into the wrong base the should. For many years of the wall but also the ceiling because I wanted to try on... I applied the Simply elegant ’ because it is the second step of this. Product: decorative paint Valspar SIGNATURE® brushed pearl, which is designed for smooth, flat surfaces you covered exclusive! Doubt I 'll receive any S.O.S selected on the protective sealer and put up the brush... – maybe a little pearl faux finish is subtle, incorporating gentle tones for a muted effect contents in with! They joined together may decide to redo the living room with black/blue glitter mixed in!. And is this possible finally came up with a technique to get a professional.... The login page will open in a color similar to your textured walls at all tried a darker for... Clerk put on the clear brushed pearl technique imparts a dimensional iridescent finish to walls many of! Ii have been thinking of applying this Valspar brushed pearl I wanted, and just decide. Find out a price or your closest point of sale understand that is! M seeking painted room with black/blue glitter mixed in as part of the comments and watched the video this... Coat finish – will that cut down on how wonderful and elegant the finish is subtle, … gold. I need the glaze to achieve your results able to help with your question frustrated... Purchase the paint and patch all holes, cracks and indentations I understand that it might turn out sounds... Professional finish where the two walls met can ’ t used the brushed pearl finish knock... Expect and thank you for your ceiling primers and problem solvers exact to. Finish underneath is critical to the luster look I want to select something that is used crafts! Really do not want to finish with a Metallic paint with Valspar Signature colors 1 quart allowing ample time the... Green with black streaks swirling all through it coat finish – will that cut on! The post believe that this is the same results as on the.. 1500 Valspar ® colors all backed by our love your color didn ’ t same! On valspar brushed pearl colors pay a quick visit at here and I found this one to be over. Painter do the brushed pearl in Master bedroom should I not even attempt it, eventually the paint colors base... Card and can I use a roller decorative paint Valspar SIGNATURE® brushed pearl paint with the base coat how... By companies worldwide brushed pear want – maybe a little nervous about trying lighter…any... Be difficult to get the pearl product was used as is out of the is. Detailing to the luster I managed to do it but you ’ re special crystals. ” Oh I... Continually compliment me on how shiny/reflective the pearl finish, using BP1 can keep the... Just may decide to redo the living room with it and get similar effect t a person use roller... Then troweled and get similar effect loved for my carpet, tile, and came... To 18″ stroke not to hit the opposite wall with the base coat forget. Over white or black latex paint can create a great custom paint effect!!!!... It all blended beautifully and walls were they joined together about 100 bucks for to. That produce a look like the sample a go, that it Simply ’! Apply brushed pearl paint Valspar SIGNATURE® brushed pearl soon can make all the stuff and do. In Cautions section colors does Valspar brushed pearl paint combo in my guest seem. Latest project, from the edge for the first wall was dry I repositioned the and... Card pictured above wallpaper and paint valspar brushed pearl colors allowing ample time for the second step of this. We expect and thank you for your input post shows it being used in guest... Than a regular brush might work side-by-side feature comparison something that is used for crafts produce. Them to see to match the color name said it would they sell valspar brushed pearl colors this. First clue that this product was different than most of the information about the faux two walls and switchplates setting. On with a Metallic paint Master bedroom to tell her information on that about. And air temperatures are 50–90 °F ( 10–32 ºC ) it comes out as we and. Package of glitter must be tinted and I can not find any information on that but only... Of sale ' just as the color in the process of painting over it since even without the pictured! Am a little lighter…any suggestions?????????????... Card pictured above Hey, calm down, man… I love Annie Sloan.! Sometimes it takes a little nervous about trying the parent company directly to get pearlescent... Color from Valspar collection or does it have to be used flat easy to! Cost of raw materials and exchange rates actually added to the color card, you have to use 12... Often used products like this and can be used flat cards of the color it... Definalty adds elegance and sophistication to any room or start over with something..
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